There are a bunch of different multi-purpose covers out there, I even own a few, but I wanted to share my favorite of them all from The UnderCover Baby.

The first great thing I noticed about my cover from The UnderCover Baby is that it is extra stretchy, and because of that I could easily fit it over our different car seats.


Another reason why I love The UnderCover Baby‘s multi-use cover is that it’s so lightweight, it doesn’t make me, or even Owen hot when I use it as a nursing cover. The cover is very soft, and the fabric is breathable.


And because of how stretchy it is, Owen is able to freely move under the cover, with enough space for both of us to be comfortable, which is so important to me. I don’t want to feel restrained while nursing, so to have a cover over me that’s tight and restricts my movement is a big problem! The UnderCover Baby‘s cover’s stretchiness is a huge plus!


I also love all the different designs The UnderCover Baby offers! The one I have is their Tie-Dye one, how adorable is it? Plus, this cover provides 360-degree coverage, so I am able to wear anything I want and still be able to nurse without having to worry about pulling a regular/non-nursing shirt up and exposing my whole stomach, or pulling a nursing tank top down and exposing more cleavage than I’d like to show, lol! This is another huge plus for me because cute nursing clothes are very hard to find, so to be able to wear my regular clothes is awesome! No stressing out about having to wear the same things all the time!


The UnderCover Baby‘s covers can also be used as an infinity scarf and a shopping cart cover. Because Owen is too little, I haven’t taken him out yet, but I will definitely be using our cover as an infinity scarf to use as a cute accessory and a shopping cart cover when I finally get to go to Target again haha! 🙂

Make sure to check out The UnderCover Baby‘s multi-use covers, and use code “BUMPTOBABY10” when checking out to save 10% off your whole purchase, with free first class shipping. 🙂

Emma – 18 Months

My Big Girl! You are 1½ already!

You are SO SMART! Oh my goodness!!!
And I don’t say that just because I’m your mom, everyone that knows you says the same thing!

You know all your colors, you can name them and pick them out.
Same with animals, you can pick them out when we ask you where one is and you can name them if we show them to you. You also know what they sound like.

You are working on your ABCs, you can sing the ABC song, and you can tell us what each letter is for. “A is for Apple, S is for Snake…”
We are working on counting things, but you can count to 10 in both English and Portuguese.

You LOVE LOVE LOVE songs! You LOVE to sing!
You can sing along to pretty much every kid song, nursery rhymes, etc. You can even sing in Portuguese too!

You repeat everything everyone says, so we are definitely more careful with what we say around you lol. And you say WOWWWWW a lot.

You love baby dolls! You give them “peta”, which is what you call pacifiers, you also give them milk in their toy bottles and you even share your own food with them. Mommy got you a baby doll stroller and you LOVE it! You stroll your babies and stuffed animals all over the house, haha!

You still love Minnie and Daisy, and Little People toys. You like unicorns and books too! You just started calling them books instead of “mook”! Your favorite book right now is Sophie’s ABC Book, and you love lift the flap books so I got you a BUNCH!

You like to go to the park, you love your playroom and you get SO happy when kids come over to play with you! You have a lot of friends, but you and Gracie are the cutest together because you are the closest in age, so you two like the same things and you play very well together! It’s adorable when you two get together!

You are finally letting me put bows in your hair again! You do pull them out sometimes, but you’ve been a lot better about leaving them alone. You call them “pretty” because every time I do your hair I tell you that you are pretty haha.

You are better at eating, even though you still fight us sometimes. You could eat your weight in Goldfish – “pish” and you like to drink water – “aguinha”. You say juice with a lisp, it’s pretty adorable! When you want more of something you alternate saying “more” and “mais”. You pretty much always want what I’m eating nowadays lol.

You like playing with Mommy on Snapchat, you especially like the dog filter, like always, but lately you really like the bunny one too.

You call Daddy by Jaime sometimes, it’s funny! But of course Daddy doesn’t think so.
Whenever someone asks you what someone’s or something’s name is you say “Moo”…? I don’t know where you got that from lol!

You are a Big Sister! You love your Baby Brother and you always say “Hiya Owen!” when you see him. You’re not very gentle yet but you’re getting there! You’ve been Mommy’s Helper, whenever I ask you to grab something you usually understand and help! 🙂 If only you could change diapers haha!

You are super sassy and you hate hearing no. You get really mad and act like a toddler haha, meaning you cry and sometimes throw a tantrum. Thank goodness your tantrums aren’t obnoxious and I can get you to snap out of them fairly easily!

I can’t believe how big you are. I miss how little you used to be, but I am definitely enjoying this age.

I love you sooooooo much!
In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and underneath the moon! ♥
– Mommy

Owen – 1 Month

My Owen Boy!
How the heck are you one month already?! Time FLEW!

I feel like I gave birth to you just yesterday! My little guy. ♥

You have made our family complete, I am so excited to have a son. You are already 100% Mommy’s Boy and I hope it stays that way forever! Even when you are married, haha.

You are a CHAMP at breastfeeding! You have gained so much weight so fast, every time you have a check up at the doctors he gives Mommy a high five because you are growing so much!

You tend to spit up a lot. I don’t know if it’s because you are over eating, like you drink too much too fast, but since you are gaining weight I guess it’s not a concern, the only thing that stinks is that I always smell like old milk, and I have to do laundry almost every day to catch up to your mess!

Your belly button stub fell off on your 13th day and right away it looked perfect! No problems, no infections. Since it fell out you started to get baths! Mommy thought that you were going to hate getting baths because you FLIP OUT when you get cold, but you actually like them!

You are such a calm little guy for the most part. Yes, sometimes you cry and Mommy can’t figure out what’s wrong, but hey, you’re a baby! You’re allowed to do that lol!

You like being on your belly the best, and you have a love/hate relationship with being swaddled.

You alternate sleeping in your bassinet and sleeping with Mommy, depending on your mood or the night, or if Mommy just wants some extra cuddles.. Not sorry! Haha.

You don’t care when your sister pokes you on the face or steals your pacifier, I think you know that she loves you, and I’m sure you are already plotting your revenge for when you get bigger haha!

You have been using your legs to push yourself up off of things and you do tummy time on Mommy’s tummy. You also like skin to skin with me.

I can’t wait to see what kind of personality you are going to have as time goes by. I am so happy to be your Mommy!

I love you sooooo much my cuddle bug!
– Mommy

Weight: 9.4 lbs
Height: 21 in
Eye Color: Grayish? I can’t really tell yet for some reason.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Diaper Size: Size NB for now.
Clothes Size: NB for now but footie PJs are already getting tight!
Sleep: You would sleep all night if I let you! But since you are still too little, Mommy wakes you up to feed you. You usually eat every 3 hours, but sometimes at night I let you sleep for 4 or 5 hours depending on if you wake up or I wake up.
Eating: Like I mentioned above you usually eat every 3 hours, with the exception of some nights, where you go 4 or 5(max) hours depending on if you wake up or I wake up.
Likes: You like Mommy’s Milk, being outside. You love to be held and you like your pacifier, but you get really mad when it falls out of your mouth which is allll the time so we have to constantly keep putting it back in your mouth – just like your big sister!
Dislikes: You don’t like being cold, and for the most part you don’t like diaper changes.
Milestones: You are getting better at holding your head up. 🙂
Firsts: First bath, first (of many) photoshoot, and the usual stuff like first doctor’s visit, first car ride.. Not a lot of firsts for a newborn huh?
Personality: You are calm, and peaceful and cute!

Owen’s Monthly Watercolor onesie is from Chicly Growing and can be purchased here.
It’s a whole 12 Month set. I like that they’re ironed on, and not stickers, so as she gets older he can’t rip them out! Love it!!!

One of Emma’s favorite things are books! She LOVES books! Or as she says “mook”.

I wanted to share this awesome subscription program called The Story Box.

The Story Box delivers books right to your door every month. Each monthly delivery includes two books and tips for parents.

Board Books come with a Challenge of the Month card. This card provides tips and information that will help you establish good reading habits with your child. These tips will also help you facilitate your child’s speech and language skills through reading.

Picture Books come with a parent guide that is specific to the books in your box and organized into age groups (toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary). The tips in the parent guide will help you use your new books to capitalize on the language opportunities presented in each book and facilitate pre-literacy skills. The parent guide also recommends some activities you can do with each of your new books.

Emma was so excited to get her Story Box! 🙂 We got a Family Package.

The books included in her Story Box Family Package were:
Fluff and Billy | Spy Guy


Emma loved Fluff and Billy, it was such a silly book. Fluff and Billy are best friends, and whatever Fluff does, Billy does too: climb, slide, swim, splash, run, and jump. She made me read it so many times that I’ll admit, I had to hide it from her for a couple of days so I wouldn’t have to keep reading it, haha!


Spy Guy seemed to be a little longer for her, so we read it in parts. It’s a cute story! Spy Guy is about a spy—but not a very good one. He’s too loud, too squeaky, and in need of a good disguise. All Spy Guy wants is to figure out the secret to spying!

You have 3 options to choose from:
Board Books | Picture Books | Family Package

Board Books- Ages 0 to 2 1/2. Includes two sturdy, board books and the Challenge of the Month card.
Picture Books- Ages 2 1/2 to 6. Includes two hardcover, picture books and the Parent Guide.
Family Package- Includes one board book and one hardcover, picture book, the Parent Guide, and Challenge card.

The Story Box is such a great subscription service, and I am so happy to share it with you.

Do you get any subscription boxes delivered to your house every month?
Share with me in the comments below! 🙂

Having sick babies STINKS! And the older they get the harder it is to give them medicine, and even harder to take their temperature!

I had the chance to try out the Infanttech Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer so I wanted to share it with you.

The Infanttech Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer continuously monitors baby’s temperature, and it alerts you when fever strikes. And when Fever strikes, infanttech’s new smarttemp provides parents a new high tech way to track your child’s temperature through your smartphone! Using Bluetooth technology, which IS safe, parents can keep baby close, but not disturb them when checking their temperature.


Look how comfy Owen looks sleeping, using a traditional digital thermometer requires you to frequently monitor your baby’s temperature manually, which means bothering them and probably waking them up, specially if it’s overnight. You wouldn’t even know that his temperature was being taken in those pictures.
P.S.- Sorry kid, you’re totally wearing Big Sister’s pink swaddle bag haha!

Smarttemp is super easy to use. Simply download the smartphone app, place the thermometer under baby’s underarm with adhesive pad, and monitor your baby’s temperature.


Smarttemp comes with the thermometer, a carrying case, 15 adhesive pads, and has up to a 3 year battery life with no charging required.

Here are the pros and cons for me:

– Easy to use.
– No need to keep taking baby’s temperature since it just does it automatically.
– Small! So it’s not a huge bulky thing on baby.
– Safe.

– The app wouldn’t allow me to register my e-mail. Every time I tried it gave me an error message so I had to log in as a user.
– The pad is super sticky! I stuck it to myself first and it actually hurt to rip off! So I made sure to unstick it a little bit before I placed it on Owen’s skin.
– Because the pad is sticky, it was also hard to remove it from the thermometer.

Overall, I really like the Infanttech Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer. Out of all the kid thermometers I have used, the original “stick” one, the forehead one, the ears one.. The Infanttech Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer is definitely my favorite of all. I feel like the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and it’s a product that I will use with my kids for years to come!

So, what thermometer do YOU use with your kids? Let me know below!