I’m the type of person who loves a good pun, clever sayings, and BABIES!

Put them all together and there’s Fayfaire. 🙂

I first found out about Fayfaire when I was browsing Amazon, looking for funny baby onesies. Their Party At My Crib Bodysuit was quickly one of my favorite finds. I loved the pretty aqua color and the cute graphic.

I was so excited when I got contacted by them to try out some of their clothing! I just HAD to get that Party At My Crib style for Emma and Owen to match!

Party at Owen’s Crib is exactly all they do in that crib around here. Owen refuses to sleep in his crib! We had it SO easy with Emma, that of course, we would “suffer” with the second kid, lol!

How stinkin’ cute are these two though? It’s so hard to not just laugh and smile along with them! 🙂 The Party At My Crib onesie and shirt are even cuter in person! The aqua color is GORGEOUS and I love how the disco ball is a pretty metallic and the dots on the letters too! They print their designs using gold standard techniques that won’t fade, crack, or feel scratchy, which is so perfect for baby’s soft skin!

The quality of both the onesie and shirt are great! They are thicker than your “typical” onesie, and not see through at all! Their bodysuits are 30% thicker than most, and made with 100% cotton.

Fayfaire also sent Owen the super funny I Drink Until I Pass Out onesie! Which is super true! Mama’s Milk puts him right to sleep! 🙂

Again, the quality of this I Drink Until I Pass Out onesie from Fayfaire is amazing! It’s so soft and stretchy. If your babe is a little chunker like mine, I would suggest you size up! I got a size 0-6 for Owen, and although it fits him at 6 months, he will sadly outgrow it quickly, so I would suggest sizing up to make the onesies last longer!

Is it just me or does everyone agree that there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby?

I love our Fayfaire clothes and I can’t wait to get some more goodies for the kids as they grow!

What are your favorite Fayfaire designs? I already have some more favorites in mind to get for the kids next.

Milk Genie by Pumpables

With summer coming to an end, I will be returning to work in a few days, meaning that this mama is going to have to pump!

I always wanted a light weight, quiet pump that was easy for me to move around, and I definitely found it in the Milk Genie!

The Milk Genie is a super quiet, portable little electric breast pump with inbuilt rechargeable battery – how amazing to not have to be stuck in one spot because of a plug! Makes pumping on the go extremely easy!

The Milk Genie has a double pumping feature, ability to save a pump program to memory, backflow protector to stop milk getting into the pump.

The Milk Genie comes with  tubing, wide neck bottles with measurements that are embedded on the bottle (not just printed on to the bottle to later come off after a few washes).

The Milk Genie set also include a two piece breast shield style that separates into flange and connector. This means it’s much easier to change flange sizes, and will also make it easier to use a pumping bra, which I wear 99.9% of the time while pumping. Can you say hands free?! 🙂

The Milk Genie has backflow protection that sits between the breastshield and tubing, preventing your milk getting into the tubing and causing issues with the pump motor. This is an amazing feature because I don’t even want to talk about how frustrating it is to try to clean a pump tube! Not fun!!!

The Milk Genie has a LCD screen so you can see at a glance your settings, remaining battery charge, and pump program.

It has the Massage Mode for easy letdown – just like your baby, the Milk Genie  has a light, fluttering pump program designed to signal to your body that it’s time to letdown and get each pumping session off to a good start.

I love the Intelligent memory feature, that allows you to easily store and replay your favorite pumping program, so you can chill out and let the pump do the work for you.

The Milk Genie has an adjustable vacuum / speed program setting, where you use the touch button controls to increase vacuum strength, reduce speed or vice versa. Just like your baby, as you increase the strength of the suction, the speed will slow down, and when you reduce the vacuum strength, the pump will speed up. It’s so user friendly!

I love the Milk Genie pump! I am able to easily pump and store milk for my little guy, which puts my mind at ease while having to be away from him at work. 🙂

Do you have to pump too? What are your favorite pumping must haves?
Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Ever since we moved into our new house I looked EVERYWHERE for the perfect gate to block off our playroom.

We needed two main features for our gate.
We needed a gate that didn’t require us to drill holes to set it up, and we needed a gate that was large enough for the space we needed to block off.

Thank goodness for North States! I was able to talk on the phone to a North States representative who was amazing, and helped me figure out the perfect gate and extension pieces I needed to make our new gate fit perfectly!

I received the Easy-Close Gate and I was thrilled!

The Easy-Close Gate truly is the perfect addition to our home! Because of the place where I needed a gate to be, I couldn’t drill holes, so having pressure mounts worked amazingly well! The gate pressure mounts easily by using tension knobs to secure the gate in place.

I also love that it’s not an eye sore, the Easy-Close Gate looks very nice. The crisp white finish of this gate complements our home décor, while its heavy-duty steel construction is built to last!

One of the things I wanted the most was to block off our kids’ playroom so the dogs can’t go in there, and check out the instant solution to that problem:


Needless to say, Cooper and Zoey are not happy about it!

Emma on the other hand, was VERY happy about her new gate!

We installed it in the afternoon while she took a nap, and when she woke up (check out that bed head) she said “Wowwwww! Pretty!” and told Cooper and Zoey “NO!” haha.

The Easy-Close Gate shuts firmly yet easily with one simple push, keeping your child safe and secure. The gate swings open both ways for added convenience and offers a triple locking system for peace of mind.

To keep the gate open for multiple pass-through, simply use the hold-open feature to prevent the gate from closing.
{{Read more at: http://northstatesind.com/product/easy-close-gate/}}

I am so happy with our new gate, that I am giving one away very soon!
Keep an eye out for the giveaway that will be happening on my Instagram. 🙂
Get a head start and make sure to follow North States’ Instagram page.

Thank you SO MUCH North States for our perfect, new gate! We are so thankful and happy!

Tranquilo Soothing Mat

I often talk about how much I love the show Shark Tank, so any time I get the chance to try out a product that was featured on the show I get super excited!

Check out the Tranquilo Mat!

The Tranquilo Mat is a portable, soothing, vibrating mat designed for use anytime, anywhere. The Tranquilo Mat folds, so it allows you to comfort your baby in your arms. The Tranquilo Mat is lightweight and compact, it can easily be rolled up and placed in a diaper bag. The Tranquilo Mat is versatile and can be used independently or in conjunction with other soothing methods.

The Tranquilo Mat is CPSIA safe. Phthalate, BPA and lead-free. The 100% cotton cover is removable and can easily be laundered. The water resistant sleeve can be wiped down with a cloth. Make sure to not submerge any part of the mat in liquids! The Tranquilo Mats were designed to be water resistant only for added safety to protect the electronic components from any baby mess, but it is not for use underwater.

There are three levels of vibrations that can be customized to baby’s needs. Two heartbeat modes provide waves of sounds and motion similar to what baby experienced in the womb. The Tranquilo Mat is battery operated and cord-free, which I love! No cords all over the place!

Owen’s favorite setting is the medium vibration, and he also really likes the heartbeat 1. He likes to lay on his Tranquilo Mat, but he prefers to have it touching him when he lays side ways.



I have also been using The Tranquilo Mat during tummy time! Owen HATES tummy time, but the vibrations and heartbeat sound from his Tranquilo Mat seem to calm him down, and he doesn’t fuss as fast! Just a tip for anyone whose baby doesn’t love tummy time either, the Tranquilo Mat has really helped me out!


Owen loves his Big Sister, check out how adorable this moment was. Owen was relaxing on his Tranquilo Mat while his Big Sister Emma “read” him a story.


The Tranquilo Mat is now one of my new Baby Favorites Item! I am so excited to have it, and I wish I had it as soon as Owen was born, it would have definitely made nap time easier for me. 🙂

Would you want to give The Tranquilo Mat a try? I bet you would love it!

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