I put together some cute 4th of July outfits using leotards, shirts and dresses from one of our favorite shops – Little Blessing Co. You can use code “EMMA15” to save on your purchase at Little Blessing Co, the rest of the clothes and accessories are linked below. Enjoy!

1: Leotard | Hair Bow | Tutu | Doll Outfit | Bracelet | Moccasins (Use code EMMA15)
2: Shirt | Glasses | Bowtie | Shorts | Shoes

3: Leotard | Hair Bow | Tutu | Bracelet | Moccasins
4: Shirt | Glasses | Hat | Shorts | Shoes

5: Mommy & Me Tank Tops | Bows | Bracelets | Tutus
6: Fringe Dress | Headwrap | Bracelet | Moccasins (Use code EMMA15)

What do you know about simple baby wearing?
I am SO excited to have partnered up with Lalabu once again! When I had Emma I received one of their Soothe Shirts and I instantly fell in love with it.

When I tell you that I wore my Soothe Shirt every day I am not exaggerating, I literally wore it every day! I loved it, Emma loved it, and it was just the best because I always had her close to me, and the Soothe Shirts make baby wearing extremely easy!

You can read all about my first Lalabu post here.

When Emma grew out of the shirt, I safely put it in my drawer to wait until I had another little one to wear it again.
About a year later, here’s Owen! 🙂

When I got home with Owen from the hospital I took out my Soothe Shirt and started wearing him right away, and, no surprise here, he LOVED it!


The Soothe Shirt features are: an easy-to-use pouch that calms newborns, a built-in nursing bra which makes breastfeeding super convenient, an inner mesh panel that provides cool breathability and a pouch extender that grows with baby.

It’s also made in the USA!


I also use my Soothe Shirt as a nursing tank, which makes things so convenient! There’s no need to wear a separate bra because the Soothe Shirt has two fabric layers for extra coverage. It has a soft elastic band that provides support and it covers the stomach while nursing, which is a big deal for me! 🙂


I got EXTRA lucky this time around with Lalabu; not only did I receive their brand new Soothe Shirt, I also got one of their AMAZINGGGGGG leggings!

Lalabu Leggings are slimming, supportive, and comfortable, they are the perfect choice when your maternity pants are too big and your pre-pregnancy pants are too small. A gentle compression panel supports your postpartum belly, which is my favorite part about these leggings! I pair them with my Lalabu Soothe Shirt for the perfect new mom outfit! 🙂

Owen was so comfy in my Lalabu Soothe Shirt that he fell asleep as we took pictures!

Another thing I love about Lalabu is that they give 2% of every purchase to help moms in African countries. You can find out more about that amazing program here.

I highly recommend Lalabu to all new mommies, and daddies too! They have a Dad Shirt, which is a great way for dads to bond with their littles. 🙂

I truly love the Lalabu products and I am so grateful to have found them. I am so happy to be sharing them with you!

Make sure to check Lalabu out, and let me know what you think of them, even though I am certain that you’ll love them as much as I do! ♥

I knew I would be extra busy when Owen came so I got my Easter shopping done very early! I got most of their goodies from small shops and also from Target!

Check out the kids’ Easter Baskets!

Click below to shop baskets.

Inside the baskets I put some candy (which Jaime and I will be the ones eating LOL!) and a couple of other goodies, like a light up bunny stick from the Target Dollar section, mini bunny plushies and books.


The Easter Bunny will also be bringing Emma and Owen some bunny goodies.

Emma is getting an adorable handmade pink bunny sweetie from Live Sweet Shop a handmade bunny from Unique Extras, and a PawdPet Bunny to hold her tablet.

Owen is getting a bunny security blanket and a handmade bunny from Unique Extras.

Last year Easter was sweet because it was Emma’s First Easter, and this year will be Owen’s First Easter! But it will also be extra fun because Emma will actually get to enjoy egg hunting and all the goodies that the Easter Bunny will bring her.

I love holidays with my kids, it really makes them extra special. ♥

Do you have any Easter Traditions? Share them with me below!

Eddy & Scout was so nice to send Emma and Gracie these beautiful dresses for their #bigadventureslittleclothes campaign.

The girls went exploring at the park, Gracie really wanted to find some butterflies and Emma was looking for bunnies, lol!

These sweet girls not only look adorable, they have pretty cute personalities too! And together they are extra silly.

Enjoy the pictures of Emma and Gracie’s adventure below, and check out Eddy & Scout to get your little ones beautiful clothes like these. 😉 Use code “EMMA” to save. ♥

Thank you to Kari, Gracie’s Mommy for the beautiful pictures of our girls! ♥

There are a bunch of different multi-purpose covers out there, I even own a few, but I wanted to share my favorite of them all from The UnderCover Baby.

The first great thing I noticed about my cover from The UnderCover Baby is that it is extra stretchy, and because of that I could easily fit it over our different car seats.


Another reason why I love The UnderCover Baby‘s multi-use cover is that it’s so lightweight, it doesn’t make me, or even Owen hot when I use it as a nursing cover. The cover is very soft, and the fabric is breathable.


And because of how stretchy it is, Owen is able to freely move under the cover, with enough space for both of us to be comfortable, which is so important to me. I don’t want to feel restrained while nursing, so to have a cover over me that’s tight and restricts my movement is a big problem! The UnderCover Baby‘s cover’s stretchiness is a huge plus!


I also love all the different designs The UnderCover Baby offers! The one I have is their Tie-Dye one, how adorable is it? Plus, this cover provides 360-degree coverage, so I am able to wear anything I want and still be able to nurse without having to worry about pulling a regular/non-nursing shirt up and exposing my whole stomach, or pulling a nursing tank top down and exposing more cleavage than I’d like to show, lol! This is another huge plus for me because cute nursing clothes are very hard to find, so to be able to wear my regular clothes is awesome! No stressing out about having to wear the same things all the time!


The UnderCover Baby‘s covers can also be used as an infinity scarf and a shopping cart cover. Because Owen is too little, I haven’t taken him out yet, but I will definitely be using our cover as an infinity scarf to use as a cute accessory and a shopping cart cover when I finally get to go to Target again haha! 🙂

Make sure to check out The UnderCover Baby‘s multi-use covers, and use code “BUMPTOBABY10” when checking out to save 10% off your whole purchase, with free first class shipping. 🙂