One Z Pillow Review

I am a huge Shark Tank fan, I had watched Michelle and Jason pitch their idea of the Twin Z Pillow and  thought, “wow, what a great product!”. Since I didn’t have twins I wished they had one for one baby, and guess what.. They do!

Check out the One Z Pillow:


When I had the opportunity to receive the One Z Pillow I was so excited! My favorite part about the One Z Pillow is the back support! I love that a piece lifts up so you can rest your back and nurse comfortably.


The One Z Pillow can be used in many ways. Not only does it make a great nursing pillow, mamas who bottle feed can also use it to comfortably feed their little ones while getting some cuddle time.


I love that I can nurse Owen but still have Emma hang out with us, knowing that she can give her baby brother kisses without disturbing him since he’s all comfy laying on his One Z Pillow.


I also use our One Z Pillow for tummy time, but Owen usually ends up falling asleep since it’s so comfortable!

(Sorry kid, you’re the 2nd child so you are using your big sister’s pink swaddle bag lol!)


I really love using our One Z Pillow for cuddle time too! I’m actually writing this blog post using our One Z Pillow! Owen is sleeping on me and my laptop is resting on the One Z Pillow so I can write! 🙂

The One Z Pillow can be purchased here. You can use code BABY10 to save 10% off your order or BABY20 to save 20% on orders of $69 or more.

Owen – Week 3

3 Weeks Old! Oh my goodness!

Owen is such a good baby. He only cries when he gets cold during diaper changes or when he can’t get comfortable.

He weighed about 8lbs 8oz earlier in the week, now he’s about 8lbs 13oz! He is eating every 3 hours or so. Sometimes he will get hungry earlier and want to eat more often. Like this week sometimes he would be hungry only like an hour and a half after eating.

Last night I forgot to set an alarm and he slept for 5 hours over night! I woke up like OH MY GOSH I OVERSLEPT! It’s a pain to wake him up, he’s such a great sleeper, it really sucks to have to wake him to eat! But he is still so little that I make sure that he wakes up to eat so he can keep growing, even though the pediatrician and my lactation consultant think he’s doing great with his weight gain. 🙂

Breastfeeding is going well! It still hurts when he latches, but my right side seems to be doing a lot better than my left side, AKA The Slacker Boob. I hate the left side lol!

Owen is staying awake for a little longer now, but is still very sleepy! He is smiley and sweet and super duper cute! ♥

Emma has been adorable with him, she says his name all the time and likes to see him and say hi to him. I’m “training” her to be Mommy’s Little Helper and so far so good! 🙂

From the moment he was born I really think that he just looks like a little BOY haha, so different from Emma.

Owen’s belly button fell off on day 15, he has had his first bath and his nails trimmed already! He liked his bath, but he screamed when he got out lol! This boy really doesn’t like being cold!

He has been wanting to be held more nowadays, and Mommy is definitely his favorite person, hooray! That’s 2 for 2! 😉

I am so lucky to have been blessed with yet another amazing little baby, watching him grow is definitely bittersweet, I can’t believe that in just a few days he will be 1 month old!

This look is very similar to one of the looks I did for my maternity shoot with Emma, you can find that here.

Of course with the exception of the different colored tutus, I wore the same top to recreate that look, but celebrating our Baby BOY on the way this time!

I love that Emma matched me, I’m a sucker for Mommy & Me looks haha!

Check them out below, click to make bigger. ♥

I want to say that this is probably my favorite maternity look, even though my belly looks smaller than it was haha!

I got my dress for super cheap on amazon, it’s this one here in navy, size small.
Emma’s dress was a gift from my grandma from Brazil.

I hope you love these pictures as much as I do! 🙂 Enjoy!


Owen – Week 2

Holy crap, how has time flown!
I’ll probably say this at every milestone, but I cannot believe that Owen is already 2 weeks old!

Today Jaime went back to work, so it’s just been me and the two kids and so far, so good!
Emma is great, and Owen is easy, thank God!

We did have a blowout (literally) today though! Ugh!
So Owen has been spitting up after feeding if he’s moved around or not sitting up right, so I fed him, and put him in the MamaRoo sitting up and went to feed Emma her breakfast. As I checked on him, I was so excited to see that it was working! He wasn’t spitting up at all and so I continued to feed Emma. After Emma was done eating, I went to look at him again and he had poop ALL OVERRRRRRR the MamaRoo, and best of all, he touched it and rubbed it all over himself. Those little flailing hands, ahhhhh!!! 🙁 It was awful!

Anyway, Owen had his 2 week check up yesterday and he now weighs 8lbs 2oz, and is now 20½ inches long, he gained 7 pounds in a week, and is continuing to grow. The doctor is very happy and impressed to hear that I’m only breastfeeding, no supplementing at all with formula or breastmilk in a bottle, go me! 🙂

Speaking of breastfeeding, it still hurts when he latches, but the hurt goes away after a few seconds when he’s properly latched and eating. I can’t wait until it stops hurting all together.

I started pumping early this time instead of waiting 6 weeks. I do it to relieve myself, and only once a day so far. I have almost 40oz in the freezer already, woo hoo! 🙂

Back to Owen, he has been staying awake a little longer nowadays, but is still very very sleepy! He sleeps great overnight and sometimes I’ll go 4 hours instead of 3 hours between feedings since he’s gaining weight so well, I want him to be able to sleep a little longer over night, and that way I can sleep longer stretches too.

Diaper changing is much better now, I think the pushing the pee pee down before closing the diaper has really made a difference! I also wait a while before opening the diaper to see if he has to pee more after feeling the breeze on his belly lol.

My brother was here this weekend, he came to meet Owen and to see us. Emma really really loved him this time and played with him. She calls him “Untle Pee Pee” and it’s HILARIOUS!

When Emma was born he made himself a shirt that said “I ♥ Princess Emma” and a onesie for her that said “I ♥ Uncle JP”, and he did the same for Owen. We managed to somehow squeeze Emma into her NB onesie lol, so it was cute to see both kids rocking their “I ♥ Uncle JP” onesies together.

It makes me really sad that he lives so far away, I wish he lived here so he could be a part of the kids’ lives on a daily basis and not just see them during the holidays. I also think about when it’s his turn to have kids and how I won’t have my future niece/nephew here with me. My parents and I constantly bug him to move back, and hopefully one day he will.

Jaime says that I am smitten, and he is totally right! I am so in love with this little baby of mine and I cuddle him as much as I can, whenever I can! I play around and say that I’m going to keep him a baby forever and not let him walk or talk or do anything besides cuddle with his mommy! Could you imagine? Haha!